Oklok Gs40X Waterproof Keyless Smart Bluetooth Padlock

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<div><p>The OKLOK GS40X Waterproof Keyless Smart Bluetooth Padlock turns your smart device into a key

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lt /p gt lt h2 gt Great Flexibility lt /h2 gt lt p gt One lock can be authorized to multiple users and a user can unlock multiple locks. lt /p gt lt h2 gt Superior Strength amp Durability lt /h2 gt lt p gt Made of high-duty zinc alloy with electroplating process, It is anti-impact, corrasion resistant and durable to use. lt /p gt lt h2 gt Replaceable Battery lt /h2 gt lt p gt With the built-in battery, it provides more than 10000 unlock times long

Enjoy peace of mind as you monitor the lock s activity and receive low battery notifications

True keyless convenience provides greater control and flexibility as you share access with friends, family, colleagues and employees

With 3 unlocking methods offering maximum security, these padlocks combine ergonomic features with strength, durability and reliability, making them the perfect choice for use at home, office, job site or school. lt /p gt lt h2 gt Keyless Design lt /h2 gt lt p gt Free you from worrying about lock picking, bumping or unauthorized key duplication and protect your property. lt /p gt lt h2 gt App Control lt /h2 gt lt p gt Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the mobile app enables it to monitor the unlocking record and sharing record

With an advanced, easy-to-use app, you don t have to worry about losing keys, forgetting combinations, or unauthorized key duplication