Steven Universe Costume

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Not everyone has the unusual heritage of Steven Universe

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He has to fight against life-threatening monsters

He rsquo s one part human and one part Gem, which provides for a pretty interesting situation for Steven

His best friend fused with him once, turning into Stevonnie! His dad owns the local car wash hellip okay, so maybe that part is a kind of normal thing, but still

His guardians are a bunch of super-powered rebel Crystal Gems

It comes with Steven rsquo s bring rosy red shirt along with the molded mask that recreates Steven rsquo s face

It rsquo s pretty far from ldquo normal rdquo

Like, instead of having a dog or a cat for a pet, Steven has a giant pink lion with a mane that acts as a dimensional portal

Sometimes he likes to wrestle with Amethyst under his alias, Tiger Millionaire

The rest of his life is pretty extraordinary.You might not be a half-human, half-gem hybrid like Steve is, but where rsquo s the harm in pretending that you are for a day This officially licensed Steven Universe costume comes from the Rebecca Sugar show

You rsquo ll be ready to take your place among all the Crystal Gems in no time.Of course, this costume won rsquo t give you any sort of powers like the ability to turn your fingers into cats , but it will make you feel a little more like a cartoon during your day! Just make sure that you do your best to protect your friends and family from danger.